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Wine List


Whispering Hills Chardonnay (California)
LA well balanced fruity Chardonnay with a touch of oak aging to round off the palate Bottle. £15.45, 125ml Glass £2.79, 175ml Glass £3.95, 275ml Glass £5.25

Faustino Rivero Blanco (Spain)
Part of the Rioja revolution. Very aromatic, with fruity aromas of apple and bananas Bottle. £16.95

Pinot Grigio (Italy)
A crisp and medium white wine from north-west Italy Bottle. £16.95

L F Edwards Sauvignon Blanc (Chile)
A zingy, fresh Sauvignon with lots of grassy, herbaceous aromas. Bottle £16.95

Cullinan View Chenin Blanc (South Africa)
South Africa’s most popular grape variety. Youthful, fruity character and a fresh, zesty acidity. Very well balanced. Bottle £16.95

Chablis (France)
Vivid, fine and steely this is trustworthy everyday drinking classic Chablis. £17.45


Pinot Grigio Rose (Italy)
A delicious off-dry Rose wine with flavours of peach and strawberry. Beautifully presented in a tall, clear-glass bottle. Bottle £16.95, 125ml Glass £3.25, 175ml Glass £4.75, 275ml Glass £5.95

We reserve the right to offer a suitable alternative should any of the wines listed become unavailable.



Whispering Hills Merlot (California)
Soft supple, plummy fruit flavours enhanced by a touch of oak aging. Bottle £15.45, 125ml Glass £2.75, 175ml Glass £3.95, 275ml Glass £5.25

Chianti Puccini (Italy)
From central Tuscany, a long standing favourite with a lovely ruby-garnet colour, medium-bodied with that typical earthy finish. Bottle £16.95

L F Edwards Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile)
A fine example of Chilean Cabernet. Juicy fruit flavours with a hint of mint and green pepper. Bottle £17.45

Cullinan View Pinotage (South Africa)
Produced from South Africa’s own grape variety. Lovely fruit flavours with a smoky character and soft rounded tannins. Bottle £17.95

Don Jacobo Rioja Crianza Tinto (Spain)
A rich and velvety red wine from Spain’s premier wine producing region. Soft and smooth with warm oakey flavours. Bottle £19.95


Prosecco Emotivo – Italy
A classic Prosecco with lively aromas of intense vine fruits, Naturally balanced and graceful with a fresh effervescence velvety smoothness and harmonious finish. Bottle £22.00

Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial NV
All the character of a Grande Marque Champagne in what is undoubtedly the best known brand. £40.00

All wines contain sulphates


Coke/Diet Coke £2.10

Lemonade £2.10

Orange Juice £1.80

J2O £2.90

Slim Tonic £1.80

Appletise £2.90

Bitter Lemon £180

Dry Ginger £1.80

Pineapple Juice £1.80

Tonic Water £1.80

Soda Water 31.60

Still Water 75cl £2.50

Sparkling Water £2.80


Dubonnet £2.50

Bristol Cream £2.50

Campari £2.50

Martini Rosso £2.50

Martini Dry £2.50

Cinzano Bianco £2.50


Bells £2.60

Tia Maria £2.95

Jack Daniels £2.95

Vodka £2.60

Bombay Sapphire £2.95

Courvoisier £2.95

Bacardi £2.60

Baileys £2.60

Southern Comfort £2.95

Malibu £2.60

Henssey XO £8.80

With mixer £4.35

Jamesons £2.95

Gin £2.60

Sambucca £2.60

Glenfiddich £3.30

Rum £2.90

Remy Martin £3.50

Cointreau £2.95

Drambuie £3.20

Archers £2.60

Spice Rum £2.60


Cobra 4.3% Pint £3.90 ½ £2.20

Kingfisher 4.5% Pint £3.90 ½ £2.20

Bintang 4.7% Bottle 330ml £2.80

Bangla 5.0% Bottle 660ml £5.50

Corona Extra 4.6% 330ml £2.80

Bulmers Pear 4.5% 568ml £3.90

Natch 5.2% £3.70

Thatchers Gold 4.8% 500ml £3.90

Cobra Zero 0.0 330ml £2.50

Theakston 5.6% 500ml £3.90